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Site Structure : Continues to get better
Posted by admin on 2007/3/7 5:50:00 (0 reads)

ArabicAVI has been doing well the past month of February, i thought i would share some things out to all the members about the plans for your #1 High Quality Arabic Film site.

Extended text contains detail on our plans if you would like to read.

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Site Content : Feedback Forum
Posted by seesoe on 2007/2/18 21:36:41 (0 reads)

Dear ArabicAVI user,

Your Feedback is important to us in order to make this place one of the best Arabic High Quality movies source on the net.

Tell us what you think about the downloads, any problems you might face, or any bugs you may find in any of our movies.

Visit this link and let us know what you think....

Thanks for your time,

ArabicAVI Staff.

Site Content : Mass Uploading
Posted by seesoe on 2007/1/26 3:01:14 (0 reads)

We would like to Apologize for the slowness in the downloading speed if you have noticed that, and thats due to the mass uploading to ArabicAVI servers.

ArabicAVI staff.

Site Content : What would you do?
Posted by admin on 2006/12/30 21:18:42 (0 reads)

What would everyone like to see happen here?

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Site Structure : Video System added
Posted by admin on 2006/12/15 1:40:29 (0 reads)

Well i just updated the site with a few download systems trying to code one for us, will be testing a few then we can get things started:)